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Welcome to the Active Arrows Competition!

This is where you get credit for being an active HAUSA member, by getting points for engaging in HAUSA activities, like attending practices, organizing a competition, or representing HAUSA in ANY horseback archery event!

How It Works

As an active, logged-in member, you can click on the the link below to get credit. Be sure you only click one time for each activity, and then wait for the screen to return you back to this page. If you try to click on more than once per page load, you could miss points. You must wait for the screen to reload.

Here are the activities you can select that will go toward your annual competition accumulation:


[mycred_link amount=2 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]I attended a practice[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=2 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]I attended scheduled club social event (meeting, trail ride, craft day, work day)[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=2 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]SUBMIT an article, training tip, video clip, or story for the HAUSA newsletter[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=2 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]PARTICIPATE in ANY horseback archery event, representing HAUSA[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=4 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]PARTICIPATE in a horseback archery demonstration (Must be approved)[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=1 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]SUBMIT a quality video/photo of you performing at an approved horseback archery demonstration[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=4 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]ORGANIZE a booth/table at a special event, festival, etc. promoting HAUSA[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=6 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]VOLUNTEER at any HAUSA-approved event[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=6 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]COMPETE in a HAUSA-recognized 1-day Competition[/mycred_link]

[mycred_link amount=8 href="http://horsearcheryusa.org/active-arrows"]COMPETE in a HAUSA-recognized 2-day (or longer) Competition[/mycred_link]